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Do window cleaners carry on cleaning in the rain?

WHETHER its April showers, drizzle or a full force storm you may wonder if there is any value in having window cleaning carried out? According to the Met Office there are 3 types of rain and depending on the area you live in or the pollution level where you live – this can affect how long your window clean lasts.

How clean is rain water?

Rain water is actually quite clean comparative to drinking water. See our article on pure water for details and measurements of relative purity. Often the direction in which rain falls from the sky can reveal the ability of rain to clean dirt from windows. On dirty windows you’ll notice that the top of most windows will be worst, remaining dirty. This is because falling droplets wash away dirt from the rest of the lower part of the glass, the top often shielded from the elements. Therefore, on a window that has just had pure water cleaning, rain will not affect this in a detrimental way nor make the glass dirty.

Is it a waste having my windows cleaned in the rain?

You may feel that the work carried out will be wasted. You may feel that the reach and wash cleaning with pure water will be contaminated or rinsed away giving you no benefit. In fact as mentioned above rain water will not leave streaks but will only continue to rinse the glass.

What about window cleaning and storms?

Perhaps the only rare exception involving British weather might be a storm. The combination of wind and rain can drive particles in the air onto the glass. We normally don’t work in extreme wind either as this proves hazardous when cleaning with our reach and wash poles.

So in summary, we will endeavour to keep cleaning schedules and arrangements unless there is an extreme circumstance. Reachnshine window cleaning seek to maintain a constant and reliable window cleaning service.

Canopy glass cleaning

Canopy Cleaning & Maintenance Clean – Ham Green, Bristol – Dec 2021

Reachnshine successfully completed a restoration maintenance clean of a courtyard managed by Concept4. This included canopy cleaning and cobweb removal in a courtyard that is used by multiple companies on a business park

DUE to a build up of dirt from failure to clean regularly, there were was need of a deep clean of surfaces, fixtures and fittings. The request was made for canopy cleaning, gutter clearance and pressure washing of the stairwell. Actual work carried out also included removal of extensive cobwebs along with a wipe down of all railings and metal work as part of the maintenance clean.

External glass on the canopy was cleaned using the reach and wash method. The internal glass of the canopy was cleaned by agitating the surface of the glass and removing the dirty residue leaving a vastly improved situation. See below for images of before and after.



What is pure water window cleaning?

What is pure water? Does pure water window cleaning work? How impure is other water?

PURE water is a collective term used to describe water that has been filtered or processed to remove impurities and contaminants. Other names some use are deionised or distilled water. The resulting pure water is perfect for window cleaning and is also environmentally friendly.

What is pure water?

Pure water has been mechanically filtered from its original state as tap water or drinking water. By passing this water through pre-filters and a semi-permeable membrane, it reduces impurities by 97-98%. This process is called reverse osmosis. Rather than absorbing, this process separates molecules and particles from the water. Its purity can be measured in ppm (parts per million). Original tap water can contain 250-300 particles of chemicals or contaminates per million parts of water, depending on which part of the country you live in.

Although that may seem low (1ppm is equivalent comparatively to 32 seconds out of a year or 1 mm of error per km of distance traversed) it is noticeable. Wash your car or pressure wash your patio and you’ll see water marks and staining on glass surfaces as it evaporates. The trace elements remain and are highly visible.

After reverse osmosis the pure water reading can be as low as 5-10 ppm of impurities. A final “polish” is applied by passing the water through ion-exchange resin. The result is 0 ppm – pure water!

Does pure water clean windows?

Window cleaning benefits greatly from pure water. The water not only dissolves dirt and dust but also washes it away. Window frames, doors, solar panels, signs etc can all be cleaned,. See our gallery for window cleaning videos and photos. Once thoroughly scrubbed and washed the only thing left on the glass is pure water. Once evaporated the glass is left sparkling clean.

In fact, we find in using this water we need to clean less often and would therefore recommend 8 weeks between visits.

How impure is other water?

Interested in testing your own water? We can test it for you if you’re interested. However Bristol Water has an online water checker, all you need is your postcode.

Below are some examples of the levels of impurities in different types of water.

Tap Water – 227ppm
Rain Water – 94ppm
Pure Water – 0ppm
Residential window cleaning

Window cleaning in Redland – The Cloisters, sloping glass roof cleaning – April 2021

Reach and wash glass roof cleaning of an atrium in Redland, Bristol.

REACHNSHINE carried out residential window cleaning in Redland. There were many aspects to the work due to the angle of the glass roof and access. Window cleaning included dormer windows, velux windows and a large stained glass bathroom window as well as the glass roof.

Preparations were made so that a long enough ladder would provide safe access to the roof and the walkways. A combination of poles were used along with a Gardiner backpack containing a solution for first cleans, that made light work of dirt and algae.

See more images of the before and after of the cleaning in the gallery below:-

Winter window cleaning

Is window cleaning affected by the weather and the seasons?

Is window cleaning affected by the weather and the seasons?

SOME customers ask us about window cleaning at certain times of the year due to the weather. They may even hesitate to have their windows cleaned because of the changing seasons, especially with Bristol’s microclimate.

This article will discuss how Reachnshine window cleaning carry out our service all year round. It’ll address any issues related to each season and how we can continue safely while achieving quality window cleaning.

The Seasons of Window Cleaning

Winter window cleaning

Perhaps one of the most challenging seasons for us is winter, for a variety of reasons. Firstly we clean with water and that can freeze, both in our system and on the floor. The shorter days also present a challenge. And finally this season can become congested with the holiday period, many would like their windows done before the end of the year.

To cope with this we keep a close eye on the temperature. Prevention is better than cure, so we remove many items from our van overnight to prevent frozen poles and hoses in the morning. We also bring rocksalt with us in case day time temperatures are not very high.


This is by far the most popular time of year for window cleaning and for good reason. Spring cleaning makes everyone feel better, so looking out of clean windows is a clear priority. We get the most new enquiries this time of year so scheduling is important.

Many other jobs around the home are also done in spring. Some attempt internal window cleaning, with mixed results. This is something we can assist with if requested.


A time for shorts and sunglasses! We love this time of year for window cleaning. The added benefit is that the warmer weather makes for warmer pure water. So at least once or twice a year you’ll get a warm water cleaning of your windows and frames.

It can be challenging for customers to remember to close their windows in summer, understandably. This can be one of the only issues we face in summer, aside from sunburn.


It can be windy in Autumn which will send dust and pollution up into the air and along with rain, onto the windows. Particularly alley-ways and the narrow sides of buildings. Rain doesn’t on its own make windows dirty due to its almost pure water nature.

A nice time of year to see the changing colour of the trees. What better time to have your windows cleaned and enjoy all that nature has to offer. Look at our twitter feed for more up to date details.

Traditional window cleaning vs Reach & Wash – Which is better?

Traditional window cleaning vs Reach & Wash – Which is better?

Traditional window cleaning
Reach & wash window cleaning Bristol

WITH the advent of reach and wash window cleaning there has been a hesitancy on the part of some customers to accept this new method. Even for window cleaners, switching to a new way has caused some to resist change and stick with traditional window cleaning methods.

Why the controversy?

There are various reasons for feeling this way – some say it’s the attention to detail or that pure water doesn’t work. While it’s possible to carry out a second rate clean, this is normally down to the individual window cleaner not the method they use.

Each method has benefits and limitations which we’ll explore. Reachnshine window cleaning use both, but in specific situations where their advantages fulfill their potential.

What are the benefits?

Traditional – certainly the traditional method using a squeegee, bucket and cloth has served the window cleaner well for many years. For some ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it’ seems to be the mantra.

There are clear advantages to being on a ladder at the height of the window you’re cleaning. You have control over the tools you’re using. You can see up close the condition of the glass. Soapy water can help break down dirt and dust.

Reach & Wash – clearly the reach potential of the pole system means windows can be cleaned that were not accessible in the past. They also can be cleaned easily and quickly so reducing the cost to the customer.

The other major advantage is the use of pure water. Quite simply this type of water is unique – it drys perfectly clear! Once evaporated it leaves any surface, glass, upvc, wooden frames spotless. It also reduces static on surfaces meaning dirt is no longer attracted. Finally, due to its lack of chemicals or detergents this also prevents the attraction of dirt and pollution.

Do they have limitations?

Traditional – there is a safety issue for the cleaner and also for the customer, accidents happen and from a ladder it’s a long way to fall. Ladders also have to be placed against the building, so there are opportunities for damage to window sills and frame not to mention the garden lawn! 

Reach & Wash – there aren’t many but due to the use of water from the vehicle this has to be accessed via hoses wherever we may be cleaning. This can pose a trip hazard or be difficult when cleaning on the top of a tall building. The water washing of the window means inevitably there will be drips that fall. In winter this can be an issue if temperatures are low.

A balanced approach to traditional and reach & wash window cleaning

Having considered all the information above Reachnshine window cleaning go for a balanced approach. Residential and commercial window cleaning present different challenges. So rather than an all in one approach we favour using the right method for the right job.

For example, shop fronts and doorways may benefit from traditional window cleaning leaving the entranceway cleaner for visitors/customers. Extendable poles used in reach & wash mean every window, sign or canopy on a property can be cleaned.

Our conclusion

So rather than having to take one side or the other, Reachnshine prefer to blend the skills. This ensures the best, safest and the most reliable service we can provide! Check our reviews.

Eastwood Park, Falfield in June 2020. Commercial window cleaning

Build clean and commercial window cleaning – Eastwood Park Training Centre

Reachnshine were requested to carry out build clean commercial window cleaning. Along with the glass and frames being cleaned with pure water, the cladding was also washed down.

This large industrial unit was nearing completion when we were contracted to carry out the clean. Many of the windows required the use of a scraper blade to return the windows to their original condition. Pure water washing removed the remaining dirt and debris.

The exterior cladding of the unit had acquired a film of dirt from the construction on site. Using wide brushes we were able to scrub and rinse the surface leaving the exterior gleaming.

Full method statements and risk assessments were carried out prior to work commencing. Safety was paramount on a working site, so steel toe capped boots, hi-viz jackets and hard hats were worn. See our twitter feed for up to date information.

Check out Reachnshine’s latest window cleaning reviews

Check out Reachnshine’s latest window cleaning reviews

Check out our latest window cleaning reviews submitted on the contact page from customers on Freeindex. There are also reviews on our Google listing. We really appreciated the kind reviews submitted and will continue to maintain our standards and reliability.

We constantly strive to meet our customers expectations. This is reflected in our honest and genuine reviews from past and current customers. If there are any issues with our work we’re more than happy to return to resolve these.

Covid 19 window cleaning

Are Reachnshine window cleaning under Covid 19 restrictions?

Covid 19 window cleaning

Are Reachnshine window cleaning under Covid 19 restrictions?

Covid 19 Window Cleaning

Many of you will have been affected in a variety of different ways. Some are now working from home, while others are quarantined following government advice. Reachnshine are following current guidelines. We will continue to practise social distancing whilst we window clean during Covid-19. We’ll continue to use PPE such as gloves and masks where we are required to do so and are washing our hands regularly.

We are exercising caution with regard to internal window cleaning at this time. We’re aware of not putting your the customer in any danger, nor ourselves. Sadly we also cannot accept cups of tea either! But don’t worry we bring our flasks these days.

Reachnshine Window Cleaning Bristol

Explore our new redesigned window cleaning website!

Reachnshine window cleaning Bristol website

Explore our new redesigned window cleaning website!

Welcome to the new website for Reachnshine Window Cleaning. We’ll use this page to update you of any worthwhile information. This could be related to our availability, adjustments due to the weather etc. Check out the gallery too with pictures of our typical work.

We’ll be looking for ways to improve the use of the site both for ourselves and you the customer.