window cleaning rain

Do window cleaners carry on cleaning in the rain?

WHETHER its April showers, drizzle rain or a full force storm you may wonder if there is any value in having window cleaning carried out? According to the Met Office there are 3 types of rain and depending on the area you live in or the pollution level where you live – this can affect how long your window clean lasts.

How clean is rain water?

Rain water is actually quite clean comparative to drinking water. See our article on pure water for details and measurements of relative purity. Often the way rain falls from the sky can show up on windows the ability of rain to clean dirt. On dirty glass you’ll notice the top of most windows will be worst. This is because falling droplets wash away dirt. Therefore on a window that has just had cleaning, rain will not affect this in a detrimental way.

Is it a waste having my windows cleaned in the rain?

You may feel that the work carried out will be wasted. The reach and wash cleaning with pure water will be contaminated or rinsed away giving you no benefit. In fact as mentioned above rain water will not leave streaks but will only continue to rinse the glass. If a regular clean is postponed you may regret it until the next time we clean the windows.

What about window cleaning and storms?

Perhaps the only rare exception involving British weather might be a storm. The combination of wind and rain can drive particles in the air onto the glass. We normally don’t work in extreme wind either as this proves hazardous when cleaning with our reach and wash poles.

So in summary, we will endeavour to keep cleaning schedules and arrangements unless there is an extreme circumstance. Reachnshine window cleaning seek to maintain a constant and reliable window cleaning service.