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Roof window atrium window cleaning

REACHNSHINE use the reach and wash system for cleaning in and around Bristol. This revolutionary water-fed pole window cleaning service that has two benefits.

FIRST – its reach capability.

Windows, conservatories and signs can be cleaned quickly with the minimum of fuss and disruption. Reaching 45ft-50ft, Reachnshine carry out window cleaning on most, if not all, residential properties in the Bristol area.

SECOND – its use of pure water.

Using an extending pole, pure water is pumped to a brush head. Pure water is then sprayed onto the window pane causing dirt to be washed away. The system can also effectively remove cobwebs, birds’ mess and other unwanted blemishes.

What is the Reach & Wash process?

As the water on the windows evaporates, the pure water leaves no streaks or water marks. Moreover due to our long hose reels we can operate from our van up to 100m away or more. Very useful for commercial window cleaning in Bristol and the South West. If there is anything you are not sure about contact us. We’ll do our best to explain and answer your questions.

Pure water, deionised water

This is created by passing tap water through reverse osmosis. This filtering process removes trace elements such as chlorine and zinc. Therefore we do not use your tap water at your residential or domestic property, all water is carried in our vehicle for the day.

Window cleaning services Bristol

We clean a variety of different windows in Bristol from wooden sash windows to uPVC windows. In addition cleaning includes the frame and we also wash down doors and entrance ways. Customers are notified of the day we will be cleaning and an approximate time if required.

Cleaning while it’s raining doesn’t affect the quality of the clean as rain water is already quite pure! We accept many forms of payment including cash, cheque or bank transfer. See our twitter feed for Reachnshine for up to date details.

Water-fed pole window cleaning – mobile, flexible

All the water and equipment is brought with us on our van. We can manoeuvre our vehicle into most situations. Where space or parking is at a premium we can extend our 100m hoses. Or two can even be connected together, giving a possible distance of 200m working away from the vehicle.

Backpack window cleaning

Failing this or in difficult to access areas like roofs, we can employ a backpack. With a 20L capacity and its own pump and power we have true freedom. For instance we can clean the rear of a property without having to trail hoses through carpeted areas.

If there are any concerns about access to the property just contact us. We can either visit site and assess the options, or you can send us a photo/video via our contact page. Reachnshine gladly use the reach and wash system for window cleaning in Bristol and beyond!