Winter window cleaning

Is window cleaning affected by the weather and the seasons?

Is window cleaning affected by the weather and the seasons?

SOME customers ask us about window cleaning at certain times of the year due to the weather. They may even hesitate to have their windows cleaned because of the changing seasons, especially with Bristol’s microclimate.

This article will discuss how Reachnshine window cleaning carry out our service all year round. It’ll address any issues related to each season and how we can continue safely while achieving quality window cleaning.

The Seasons of Window Cleaning

Winter window cleaning

Perhaps one of the most challenging seasons for us is winter, for a variety of reasons. Firstly we clean with water and that can freeze, both in our system and on the floor. The shorter days also present a challenge. And finally this season can become congested with the holiday period, many would like their windows done before the end of the year.

To cope with this we keep a close eye on the temperature. Prevention is better than cure, so we remove many items from our van overnight to prevent frozen poles and hoses in the morning. We also bring rocksalt with us in case day time temperatures are not very high.


This is by far the most popular time of year for window cleaning and for good reason. Spring cleaning makes everyone feel better, so looking out of clean windows is a clear priority. We get the most new enquiries this time of year so scheduling is important.

Many other jobs around the home are also done in spring. Some attempt internal window cleaning, with mixed results. This is something we can assist with if requested.


A time for shorts and sunglasses! We love this time of year for window cleaning. The added benefit is that the warmer weather makes for warmer pure water. So at least once or twice a year you’ll get a warm water cleaning of your windows and frames.

It can be challenging for customers to remember to close their windows in summer, understandably. This can be one of the only issues we face in summer, aside from sunburn.


It can be windy in Autumn which will send dust and pollution up into the air and along with rain, onto the windows. Particularly alley-ways and the narrow sides of buildings. Rain doesn’t on its own make windows dirty due to its almost pure water nature.

A nice time of year to see the changing colour of the trees. What better time to have your windows cleaned and enjoy all that nature has to offer. Look at our twitter feed for more up to date details.