Traditional window cleaning vs Reach & Wash – Which is better?

Traditional window cleaning vs Reach & Wash – Which is better?

Traditional window cleaning
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WITH the advent of reach and wash window cleaning there has been a hesitancy on the part of some customers to accept this new method. Even for window cleaners, switching to a new way has caused some to resist change and stick with traditional window cleaning methods.

Why the controversy?

There are various reasons for feeling this way – some say it’s the attention to detail or that pure water doesn’t work. While it’s possible to carry out a second rate clean, this is normally down to the individual window cleaner not the method they use.

Each method has benefits and limitations which we’ll explore. Reachnshine window cleaning use both, but in specific situations where their advantages fulfill their potential.

What are the benefits?

Traditional – certainly the traditional method using a squeegee, bucket and cloth has served the window cleaner well for many years. For some ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it’ seems to be the mantra.

There are clear advantages to being on a ladder at the height of the window you’re cleaning. You have control over the tools you’re using. You can see up close the condition of the glass. Soapy water can help break down dirt and dust.

Reach & Wash – clearly the reach potential of the pole system means windows can be cleaned that were not accessible in the past. They also can be cleaned easily and quickly so reducing the cost to the customer.

The other major advantage is the use of pure water. Quite simply this type of water is unique – it drys perfectly clear! Once evaporated it leaves any surface, glass, upvc, wooden frames spotless. It also reduces static on surfaces meaning dirt is no longer attracted. Finally, due to its lack of chemicals or detergents this also prevents the attraction of dirt and pollution.

Do they have limitations?

Traditional – there is a safety issue for the cleaner and also for the customer, accidents happen and from a ladder it’s a long way to fall. Ladders also have to be placed against the building, so there are opportunities for damage to window sills and frame not to mention the garden lawn! 

Reach & Wash – there aren’t many but due to the use of water from the vehicle this has to be accessed via hoses wherever we may be cleaning. This can pose a trip hazard or be difficult when cleaning on the top of a tall building. The water washing of the window means inevitably there will be drips that fall. In winter this can be an issue if temperatures are low.

A balanced approach to traditional and reach & wash window cleaning

Having considered all the information above Reachnshine window cleaning go for a balanced approach. Residential and commercial window cleaning present different challenges. So rather than an all in one approach we favour using the right method for the right job.

For example, shop fronts and doorways may benefit from traditional window cleaning leaving the entranceway cleaner for visitors/customers. Extendable poles used in reach & wash mean every window, sign or canopy on a property can be cleaned.

Our conclusion

So rather than having to take one side or the other, Reachnshine prefer to blend the skills. This ensures the best, safest and the most reliable service we can provide! Check our reviews.