Window cleaning questions

Window Cleaning | Frequently Asked Questions

Window cleaning questions

REACHNSHINE receive all sorts of enquiries and questions regarding window cleaning and the service we provide. We’ve condensed some main ones to help you feel satisfied before and after we clean. Feel free to ask us anything else not listed by using our Contact page.

How do professional window cleaners clean windows?

Actually there can be a number of methods that can be used depending on the type of windows and accessibility. In recent years due to safety many have favoured the reach and wash system that uses pure water. But there is still a place for traditional window cleaning with a squeegee.

Once windows cleaned using the reach and wash system have been thoroughly agitated, the final rinse should just be pure water. Once evaporated there will be no marks, there are only issues when this is rushed.

For internal window cleaning the use of microfibre cloths ensures a clean and polished finish. These cloths grab the dirt rather than spreading residue all over the glass.

How often should window cleaners come?

Simply put, as often as they become dirty… However due to the superior cleaning power of pure water, most will find 8 weeks a suitable period of time. The road side of a house will get dirtier quicker as will shop windows or offices on industrial estates.

The lack of chemicals in reach and wash window cleaning means there is no residue for dirt to attach itself to. Additionally pure water, we’ve noticed, neutralises the static charge of uPVC plastic frames. This reduces the build up of dust particles on frames.

Should window cleaners dry windows?

Reach and wash window cleaning requires that, once cleaned, the glass should be left to dry. This is because its only pure water left that is evaporating, leaving a clean surface. Trying to remove or wipe the glass with a rag will only risk spreading dust or dirt from the surrounding area. If the windows have been cleaned correctly, they will dry clear.

Should you clean windows on a sunny day?

There is no difference with rain or sun. Because no chemicals are used there isn’t any risk of smearing or drying unevenly. Sunny weather can make it easier to see dirt and spots so that a more effective clean can be carried out.

How do you get streak free windows?

Less is more we believe. By removing trace elements from the water such as chlorine, zinc etc the final outcome will be streak free window cleaning. Compare that to cleaning your car with tap water or with washing up liquid, you will always have to polish off the marks. Some customers have tried pressure washing their windows after they’ve done their patio. This highlights exactly why pure water works and how dirty tap water really is.

What time of year is best for window cleaning?

For window cleaners is obviously summer…. Window cleaning can be carried out at any time of year, except perhaps in winter when the temperature drops to freezing. Many favour spring to get their home looking good for summer. But regular maintenance cleans throughout the year is the best way of keeping on top of things.